3D Heritage portal moves into testing

3D Heritage platform and viewer testing starts! Public portal ( gets new UI, while storage sees upload/view improvements and annotation tools.

New features in testing

The 3D Heritage platform is entering its testing phase, bringing a range of improvements to both the public portal ( and the storage domain (

The public portal boasts a fresh new user interface and design, making it even easier to navigate and explore the vast collection of 3D heritage objects. Additionally, a non-restricted oEmbed function allows for seamless integration of 3D content on external platforms.

On the storage side, offers a significantly enhanced user experience. Uploads are now optimized with built-in compression, and the viewing experience is smoother than ever. The platform also features a new user interface and design for a more intuitive workflow.

For those working with 3D models, several exciting new features await. Measurement calculations are now optimized, providing improved accuracy for surface area calculations. Additionally, the user interface for lighting models has been revamped for greater control and precision.

Perhaps the most significant update comes in the form of enhanced annotation tools. Users can now include photos within annotations, and utilize additional measurement units.

This testing phase marks a significant step forward for 3D Heritage, making it an even more powerful platform for preserving, sharing, and exploring our cultural heritage through the magic of 3D technology.

An overview of the platform

Uploading and editing the 3D model