Deploying and Demonstrating a 3D cultural heritage space.

Application domains

Use cases and scenarios

Deliver high-quality 3D content and develop several reuse scenarios in 3 application domains

Fashion Collections

Exploring the creation of a more engaging and immersive museum experience for fashion heritage

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Archaeological 3D Content

Explore how 3D content enhances visitors experience of archaeological monuments and value of 3D for different sectors

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Historic Buildings and Cityscapes

Scenarios, content and tools to create 3D related applications for virtual cultural tourism, research and education

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About the project

5Dculture enriches the offer of European 3D digital cultural heritage assets in the data space and fosters their reuse in important domains such as education, tourism and the wider cultural and creative sectors towards socially and economically sustainable outcomes.

  • AI & ML tools for 3D assets
  • Community of Practice
  • High-quality 3D content
  • Several reuse scenarios
  • Capacity building
  • Engage stakeholders

From the blog

Interesting articles and news about the project

Arctur, 3D Cultural Heritage, News

3D in Tourism: Unlocking the Future of Travel Experiences

Ever wondered what the buzz is all about with 3D digitization, cultural heritage, and tourism? Well, you're not alone. In a world where technology is evolving at the speed of light, it's essential to explore the exciting opportunities and intriguing challenges that lie at the int...

News, Conference, Presentation, Event

5Dculture @ MuseumNext Digital Collections Summit

From 25-26 September 2023 the MuseumNext community hosts the “Digital Collections Summit” – an online event featuring speakers from all over the world presenting a variety of topics circling around digital collections management, the most recent digital platforms, smart strategie...

Workshop, Conference, News, Event

5Dculture @ EuropeanaTech 2023

5Dculture partners CARARE, TMO and Inception will lead an in-person workshop at the renowned EuropeanaTech conference, staged in The Hague between 10th and 12th October 2023. This year's annual meeting of the EuropeanaTech community will run under the topic "Explore, Engage, Expe...


Project Partners.

Perfect mix of skills and committed to make it happen.

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European Fashion Heritage Association
Time Machine Organisation
Centraal Museum Utrecht
Universidad de Jaen
Sound and vision

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