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Kick-off meeting in Lindau (Bodensee)

The project partners of the 5Dculture consortium met in Lindau, Germany at the lake Bodensee for the kick-off of the project. The two days meeting took place on the 12th and 13th January 2023. The meeting started with a warm welcome, highlighting the significance of the diverse and complementary expertise of the participants. 

After an overview of the project's objectives, scope, anticipated outcomes, the main application areas and domains of the project: fashion, archaeology and architecture, the participants engaged in open discussions and planning sessions to define the next key action points for each area of work. The kick-off meeting provided a solid foundation for the project and the participants demonstrated a shared commitment to excellence, collaboration, and realising the project's vision. 

“We are very excited to welcome the partners of 5Dculture to Lindau and host the Kick-off meeting for what promises to be a very fascinating and inspiring project that will showcase the many ways in which new technologies and 3D assets can be combined and used in various domains, from tourism to education. Having worked on the topic of cultural assets re-use and digital storytelling for a few years here at IN2, we now look to create innovation for 3D content, which is an important priority for the Data Space of Cultural Heritage.”
- George Ioannidis, Director IN2 Digital Innovations GmbH, Coordinator 5Dculture

Download the meeting press release.

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