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5Dculture @ Culture & Creativity Days (10 October 2023)

Project partner TMO co-organises a panel discussion as part of the "European Culture & Creativity Days Vienna", an event kicking-off the newly established EIT Culture & Creativity Co-Location Centre in Vienna. 

The event is a day-long celebration covering different interesting activities:
  • Keynote Inspiration: Immerse yourself in a thought-provoking keynote that explores how artistic and creative thinking can reshape our lives and surroundings.
  • Exploring the Future: Dive deep into the world of next-generation materials, cutting-edge production techniques, and the impending „next renaissance.“ Discover what groundbreaking innovations are already in the works.
  • Engage and Connect: Connect with a vibrant community of creatives, investors, and policy makers from across Europe. Share ideas, forge collaborations, and be a part of the creative ecosystem.
  • Investing in Creativity: Learn why investing in the creative industries is not just a good idea but a smart one. Discover how nurturing creativity can drive impact, economic growth and innovation.
  • Shaping Policies: Gain insights into how to incorporate culture and creativity into policies that shape your cities and regions. Be at the forefront of positive change and urban development.

As part of the afternoon forum sessions, TMO will lead a forum on "Open Data of the Past" including 5Dculture partner Arctur.

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