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A Journey into Iberian Culture: 5Dculture @ European Researchers' Night 2023

On 29 September 2023, European Researchers' Night was celebrated in 400 cities across the European Union. The University Research Institute for Iberian Archeology at the University of Jaén (Spain), as consortium member of the the 5DCulture project, played a pivotal role by orchestrating two enthralling workshops at the Iberian Museum of Jaén.
These workshops were part of a series of educational events orchestrated by the 5DCulture project, emphasizing the role of 3D models in the realm of Archaeology. Specifically, they illuminated the potential of 3D models in promoting inclusive and equitable education. A total of eighty students, ranging in age from 6 to 10 years, actively engaged in these immersive sessions, creating the perfect-sized groups for hands-on technical device learning and exploration of rich cultural backgrounds. 
Unveiling the Iberians in 3D 
In this workshop, students embarked on a unique journey into the realm of 3D model creation, discovering the joy of preserving the past through technology. Through hands-on activities, they explored tactile, visual, and virtual interactions with select 3D models, including ceramics and sculptures of the Iberians. The workshop was divided into four engaging activities:
  1. Students learned to scan a ceramic vessel using structured light handheld scanners.
  2. Using a leap motion device, students honed their skills in manipulating the point cloud and mesh of the 3D model.
  3. 3D printed models of sculptures were transformed into puzzles, challenging students to reassemble them.
  4.  Students embarked on the reconstruction of a ceramic vessel using mixed reality.
Exploring the Sacred World of Iltir and Neitin 
This workshop delved into the nuances of Iberian religiosity, focusing on bronze votive offerings. Through 3D models of these offerings, students embarked on a journey through a booklet, uncovering specific aspects related to divinity, clothing, offerings, size, and more. The workshop also involved hands-on work with clay reproductions of votive offerings.

The workshops delivered the following key values: 
  • Promotion of the archaeological heritage of Iberian culture as a valuable educational tool, with an emphasis on the use of 3D models.
  • Encouragement of inclusive education, offering a diverse range of insights based on the social interpretation of archaeological heritage.
  • Introduction to the archaeological method and hands-on experience with 3D models, showcasing the research conducted at the University Research Institute for Iberian Archaeology at the University of Jaén (Spain).
  • Exploration of vanished forms of religiosity and ritual practices, recognizing the objects associated with them.

Sparking curiosity and hands-on learning
With this year’s Researchers’ Night, the University Research Institute for Iberian Archeology at the University of Jaén (Spain) took students of various ages on a venture into the past to let them explore cultural heritage hands-on. The workshops offered incredible experiences for both the students and the educators. Witnessing the students' curiosity, creativity, and enthusiasm as they enthusiastically followed the teachers' guidance to explore history, cultural contexts, and new technologies was truly inspiring. 

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