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5Dculture @ 3D-ARCH Workshop (21-23 February 2024)

ISPRS (International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) and CIPA (International Committee of Architectural Photogrammetry) are hosting the 10th issue of their international workshop in Siena, 21-23 February 2024.

The major topic of the 2024 edition of the workshop will be "3D Virtual Reconstruction and Visualisation of Complex Architectures". No need to say that this theme lies at the very heart of our 5Dculture project's ambition and we are happy to not only take part in this exciting workshop with a project presentation, but have our partners FBK (Fondazione Bruno Kessler) and Inception actively support the organisation and support of the event.

The main focus of the 3D-ARCH Workshop is to discuss investigations, steps and processes for smart 3D reconstruction, modelling, accessing and understanding of digital environments from multiple data sources. Topics include:

 • Low-cost sensors and open-source algorithms for terrestrial 3D modelling

 • Fusion of multi-source and multi-sensors data

 • Research in 3D/4D survey and modelling

 • Automation in data processing

 • Image matching, Multi-View Stereo (MVS) and 3D reconstruction

 • Point cloud processing, semantic enrichment and analysis

 • NeRF and Gaussian splatting 3D reconstruction and modelling

 • Semantic and AI methods in terrestrial 3D reconstruction problems

 • Accuracy requirement and assessment

 • Virtual and Augmented Reality for complex architectures and heritage

 • Investigations in BIM for Cultural Heritage (HBIM)

 • Data sharing platform for architectural 3D models

We'll keep you posted on all relevant news concerning this event!

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