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65 3D models of Iberian artefacts produced at Uni Jaén

The Research Institute for Iberian Archaeology of the University of Jaén (IUIAI-UJA) focusses its work within 5Dculture on the educational aspects of 3D models for school children and the use for people with disabilities. For this purpose, the team already produced 65 models of Iberian artefacts – replicas made in bronze, iron or stone, as well as 3-dimensional puzzles. 

By way of recreating the originals in a tangible new form, students as well as people with visual impairments can really work with the objects, touch, and feel them, and get a closer connection to the heritage of the Iberian culture. This is a new experience, as students are also able to make their own models, learn about the scanning and production processes, get to know and feel different materials, and see how a model is generated from a screen to an object that can be touched.

Watch here a short interview with Prof. Alberto Sánchez Vizcaíno (IUIAI-UJA) recounting the current achievements in connection with our project (in Spanish).

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