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Survey Invitation: Mapping European Data Infrastructures for 3D Cultural Heritage - deadline extended!

5Dculture partners Europeana Foundation and Time Machine Organisation recently published a survey seeking to better understand the existing landscape of digital European data infrastructures facilitating the storage of 3D cultural heritage datasets/digital objects. The questions address various topics covering metadata standards, the quality of 3D data, licensing for 3D data, and how the data can be accessed or shared and by whom. By answering these questions, operators will help the team to better understand how 3D data is being managed which will help shaping the future of the common European data space for cultural heritage. 

Operators of data repositories (= infrastructures to store and manage digital files and their corresponding metadata such as digital archives, data collections, virtual research infrastructures, etc.) holding 3D data are invited to participate in this survey. 

The insights will contribute to shaping the future of digital cultural heritage preservation, accessibility and reuse in Europe. Join the team in building a vibrant and inclusive digital environment for our shared cultural heritage!

Take the Survey! (open until 19 April 2024)

Europeana and the common European data space for cultural heritage

Europeana Foundation and a consortium of 18 partners was tasked by the European Commission to steward the common European data space for cultural heritage, alongside 13 other sector-specific and interoperable data spaces, with the overarching goal of advancing Europe's transition into a data-driven society. 

The proposed virtual data space for cultural heritage will facilitate advancements in technology and stimulate innovations in areas like 3D and AI. Such as (a) consolidating, enriching, promoting and communicating high-quality digital data, (b) reaching diverse audiences and offering them with incentives for data reuse, (c) and to create include, collaborative and collectively-owned digital environments.

In 2024, constitutive steps will be taken towards creating the data space with the aim of propelling the digital transformation of Europe's cultural and creative sectors forward, namely by supporting aggregators and cultural heritage institutions to publish 3D content in the data space; improving the documentation around these activities; reviewing frameworks to ensure that they better reflect 3D activity; and supporting member states to submit digitised cultural heritage assets in 3D through the Twin it! Campaign

5Dculture will considerably support the deployment of the data space by populating it with new or enhanced 3D data, as well a showcase exciting re-use scenarios of available data. Stay tuned for more!

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