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5Dculture @ 3D-ARCH – successful engagement

From 21-23. February 2024 the 10th international ISPRS and CIPA workshop “3D-ARCH” under the title “3D Virtual Reconstruction and Visualization of Complex Architectures” took place in Siena, Italy. Hearing the topic and call for contributions, our project team was quick to reply and submit a joint article presenting our 5Dculture project. 

Our colleagues Elisa Mariarosaria Farella (FBK), George Ioannidis (IN2), Robert Shaw (Discovery Programme), Marco Medici (Inception) and Fabio Remondino (FKB) (header image from left to right) represented our project during the event and had the chance to showcase different aspects of our research outcomes during the afternoon on 22 February during a session focussing on EU projects:

- Elisa M. Farella presenting a project overview in: Methods, Data and Tools for Facilitating a 3D Cultural Heritage Space
- Robert Shaw showing our latest achievements in WP4 (Archaeology): Developing Enhanced and Enriched 3D Models of Cultural Heritage Assets as Part of the EU Co-Funded 5Dculture Project 
- Marco Medici representing our sister project 4CH: Guidelines, Training and Capacity Building for 3D Digitisation and Documentation within the 4CH Project

It was a great chance for exchange with other similar projects and initiatives dealing with various aspects of 3D documentation, modelling, VR/AR, Deep Learning etc. – the over 60 submitted and presented articles can be found here and are well worth diving deeper into!

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