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Call for Abstracts: Webinar on Paradata, Metadata and Data in 2D/3D Digital Heritage Documentation

The UNESCO Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage alongside other partners and in collaboration with several EU projects organises a unique webinar dedicated to the topic of paradata, metadata and data in the domain of 3D digital documentation in Cultural Heritage.

This event shall bring together professionals from the spectrum of Digital Cultural Heritage practice to share their experience in using and working with paradata seeking to lay down a common understanding of paradata as a first step towards a community-built set of standards and expectations for its application to 3D documentation and the creation of knowledge.

The call for participation and submission of abstracts goes out to all who have worked with paradata and metadata within any 3D Digital Cultural Heritage context, covering topics such as:

  • Case studies of paradata link to metadata implementation,
  • Economic value and impact of paradata,
  • How paradata can help to create high quality of 2D/3D data, as well as with data preservation,
  • Paradata accessibility and discovery methods,
  • Paradata as a tool for transparency in scholarly research,
  • Paradata for BIM, HBIM, HHBIM in CH,
  • Paradata representation in 2D and 3D data acquisitions and visualisations,
  • Standards, Paradata, Metadata, Ontologies and Semantic Processing in CH,
  • Structured paradata approaches,
  • The intersection between Paradata, Metadata and Data,
  • Tools, practices or solutions supporting paradata recording.

Abstracts should be no larger than one page (A4) and can be submitted via email to no later than 29 March 2024.

Authors of selected abstracts will be invited to submit full papers to a new open-access publication under the series of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Nature: “3D Research Challenges in Cultural Heritage - Volume V: Paradata, Metadata and Data in Digitisation".

The registration to the online event, as well as the Gold Open Access book publication are free of charge and sponsored by the UNESCO Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage at the Cyprus University of Technology in Limassol.

Have all the relevant information here.

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